HRP-conjugated Secondary Antibodies

HRP-conjugated Secondary Antibodies

HRP-conjugated Secondary Antibodies

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For chemiluminescent immunodetection

Easily detect low abundance proteins. Azure’s high-quality HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies are optimized to work with Radiance and Radiance Plus substrates to maximize sensitivity.

Azure’s high-quality HRP-Conjugated Secondary Antibodies for Chemi Westerns offer unparalleled sensitivity and performance for immunoblotting and ELISA applications. These secondary HRPconjugated antibodies are optimized with Azure’s protein detection systems including Radiance and Radiance Plus.

Key Features

  • Performance – excellent signal in immunoblotting and ELISA applications
  • Convenience – each antibody is demonstrated to provide optimal results with
  • Azure’s protein detection systems • Purity – each antibody is affinity purified to maximize specificity

For Catalog Numbers

  • AC2114 Goat-anti-rabbit HRP secondary antibody, 500µl
  • AC2115 Goat-anti-mouse HRP secondary antibody, 500µl
  • AC2116 Goat-anti-human HRP secondary antibody, 500µl AC2117 Goat-anti-chicken HRP secondary antibody, 500µl
  • AC2118 Goat-anti-rat HRP secondary antibody, 500µl
  • AC2119 Goat-anti-guinea pig HRP secondary antibody, 500µl
  • AC2149 Donkey-anti-goat HRP secondary antibody, 500µl