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Safety, efficacy and stability is key in formulation. We aim to solve existing research & consumer care issues with sustainable, innovative science & technology one step at a time. Our cosmetic & personal care solutions covers from premium active ingredients, nano-encapsulation services for skin care, hair care & body care to skin testing services & solutions. Our range of cosmetic research solutions includes 3D bioprinted skin models, 3D skin testing, hair models, sebaceous model & even baby skin models for efficacy and safety testings.

Bringing your research & formulation a step ahead.


From drug delivery to demo-cosmetic delivery

Formulation made simple.

Preserve & increase efficacy with lesser active ingredient.

We partnered with INdermal, a division of Nanovex Biotechnologies SL (an industrial leader of nano-systems for pharmacological ingredients delivery) to bring effectual active ingredients to you. Using their expertise in delivery systems they’ve adapted the technology from medicine to cosmetics.

Their series of liposome encapsulated active ingredients is able to protect & deliver active ingredients to specific target area (deep epidermis, corneal layer, capillary fibre & hair follicle). This increases their efficency by up to 12 times/span, whilst alleviating formulation scientist from worries of stability & pH fluctuations.

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Natural Thai
Herbal Extract

A safer mEthod to test baby products

From drug delivery to demo-cosmetic delivery

Making what was impossible possible.

3D Bioprinted Baby Skin Model Testing Services

Regulations on newborns & infant products are being tightened due to scandals of children being hurt by harmful ingredients in products. The stratun corneum of baby skin is 30% less of an adult skin, yet many baby products are tested on adult skin or diluted form.

Knowing this, CTIBiotech committed >20 years to produce ethical & appropriate 3D bioprinted baby skin models using the umbilical cord. They’ve successfully produced multilayered, cornified differentiated epidermis on a dermis rich in fibroblasts with a dense and homogeneous matrix for a more reliable skin testing medium of baby products.

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