AzureSpectra Labeling Kits

AzureSpectra Labeling Kits
Fast and simple antibody labeling

AzureSpectra Labeling kits provide all the materials needed to quickly label your primary and secondary antibodies with fluorescent dyes. Choose between AzureSpectra dyes 490, 550, 650, 700 or 800.

Label your own validated primary or secondary antibodies to perform direct or traditional Westerns. Labeled antibodies are compatible with multiple immunofluorescent platforms, including flow cytometry, immunofluorescent microscopy and Western blotting.

Labeling Kits include enough reagents to label 100 μg of antibody (2 reactions of 50 μg each).

Each kit includes:

    Antibody Labeling Buffer
    Dye Solution
    Quenching Solution
    Neutralization Buffer
    2 G-25 Spin Columns

Demo kit incubation


Demo kit dyes