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Western Blotting and Protein Analysis

Improve Your Western Blot Results with Atlantis Bioscience’s Comprehensive Range of Western Blotting and Protein Analysis Products


Western blotting is a powerful technique for detecting and quantifying specific proteins in a sample. It is a widely used tool in research, diagnostics, and drug discovery.

At Atlantis Bioscience, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable protein analysis in a variety of research and diagnostic applications. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of Western blotting and protein analysis products, from high-quality buffers and detection reagents to transfer solutions and total protein stains.

Our products are designed to make Western blotting and protein analysis easy and efficient, while providing you with the highest quality results. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a newcomer to the field, we have the products you need to meet your needs.

Our Western blotting and protein analysis products include:

  • PCR and molecular biology buffers: Our high-quality buffers provide optimal conditions for your PCR and molecular biology experiments.
  • Detection and analysis reagents: Our variety of detection and analysis reagents allow you to detect and quantify proteins with high sensitivity and specificity.
  • Transfer to membrane solutions: Our transfer to membrane solutions make the transfer of proteins to a membrane a breeze.
  • Total protein stains: Our total protein stains ensure that you have accurate protein quantitation data.
  • Western blot kits: Our Western blot kits provide all the reagents you need for a successful experiment.

Here are just a few ways that our products can help you improve your Western blot results:

  • Reduce background noise: Our buffers and detection reagents are optimized to reduce background noise and improve signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Increase sensitivity: Our detection reagents are highly sensitive and can detect even the smallest amounts of protein.
  • Improve reproducibility: Our products are formulated to be consistent and reliable, so you can be confident that your results will be reproducible.
  • Save time and money: Our kits provide all the reagents you need for a successful experiment, saving you time and money.


At Atlantis Bioscience, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. We are here to help you succeed in your Western blotting and protein analysis experiments.

Browse our selection today and see why we are a trusted name in distribution of reliable brands for Western Blotting and Protein Analysis!

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