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Animal Models (Preclinical)

Your One-Stop Shop for Preclinical Animal Models

We offer a comprehensive range of preclinical animal models to support your research, no matter your focus. Whether you’re studying autoimmune disorders, cancer immunotherapies, metabolic conditions, neurodegenerative diseases, or rare disorders, we have the right models for you.

Our animal models include:

  • Germ-free mice
  • Humanized immune checkpoint mouse models
  • Immunodeficient mouse models
  • Knock Out mouse models
  • Conditional Knock Out mouse models

We are proud to house one of the largest Knock Out mouse libraries in the world, making our supplier a global leader in the field. Our models are instrumental in unraveling the mysteries of various diseases and paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

Renowned institutions and research facilities in Singapore, the United States, and China entrust our models to drive their vital research projects. Researchers globally rely on our products to conduct critical experiments and contribute to the progress of their respective fields.

Join the ranks of leading researchers who rely on Atlantis Bioscience animal models for their groundbreaking work. Explore our extensive product catalog and embark on your next research journey with confidence.

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