Annexin V Conjugates

Annexin V Conjugates

Annexin V Conjugates

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Annexin V fluorescent conjugates can be used to detect apoptotic cells. The human anticoagulant Annexin V is a 35-36 kDa calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding protein with high affinity for phosphatidylserine (PS). In normal viable cells, PS is located on the inner leaflet of the cytoplasmic membrane. In apoptotic cells, however, PS is translocated from the inner to the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane, where it can be detected by fluorescently labeled Annexin V.

  • Detect apoptotic cells with fast, reliable detection of phosphatidylserine externalization
  • Conjugates with wide choice of CF® dye colors, plus biotin, R-PE, APC, and other fluorescent dyes
  • Biotium’s CF® dyes have superior brightness, photostability, and are water-soluble
  • Can be used for fluorescence microscopy, live cell imaging, and flow cytometry

CF® Dye, biotin, and FITC conjugates of Annexin V are provided as 50 ug/mL solutions in 10 mM Tris, 1 mM EDTA, 30 mM NaCl, 1 mg/mL bovine serum albumin, 0.1% sodium azide, pH 7.5. R-PE and APC Annexin V conjugates are supplied in PBS, 5 mg/mL BSA, 0.05% sodium azide at 5 uL per test.

Annexin V Conjugates
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Imaging of apoptosis in staurosporine-treated HeLa cells stained with CF®594 Annexin V (red, apoptotic cell surface probe) and Oxazole Yellow (green, dead cell nuclear stain). All nuclei are stained blue with Hoechst.

Detect Apoptosis

We also offer Annexin V Conjugates, Azide-Free and Lyophilized in colors ranging from UV to far-red for live cell staining, and Near-IR CF® Dye Annexin V (also lyophilized and preservative-free), compatible with small animal NIR in vivo imaging. Annexin V is also available with other probes in our Apoptotic and Necrotic Staining Kits. See our full selection of Cell Viability and Apoptosis Assays.

Superior CF® Dyes

Biotium’s next-generation CF® dyes were designed to be highly water-soluble with advantages in brightness and photostability compared to Alexa Fluor®, DyLight®, and other fluorescent dyes. Learn more about CF® Dyes.

Annexin V Conjugates

Product Ex/Em Concentration Size Catalog No.
Biotin Annexin V N/A 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29013
CF®350 Annexin V 347/448 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29012
CF®405M Annexin V 408/452 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29009
CF®450 Annexin V 450/538 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29083
CF®488A Annexin V 490/515 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29005
CF®555 Annexin V 555/565 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29004
CF®568 Annexin V 562/583 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29010
CF®583R Annexin V 586/609 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29085
CF®594 Annexin V 593/614 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29011
CF®633 Annexin V 630/650 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29008
CF®640R Annexin V 642/662 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29014
CF®647 Annexin V 650/665 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29003
CF®660R Annexin V 663/682 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29069
R-PE Annexin V 496, 546,
565/578 nm
5 uL/test 100 uL Purchase 29045-100uL
500 uL Purchase 29045-500uL
APC Annexin V 650/660 nm 5 uL/test 100 uL Purchase 29057-100uL
500 uL Purchase 29057-500uL
FITC Annexin V 496/516 nm 50 ug/mL 0.5 mL Purchase 29001
5X Annexin V Binding Buffer N/A 5X 15 mL Purchase 99902
CF is a registered trademark of Biotium, Inc. Alexa Fluor, and DyLight are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Ondrej Zenata, Zdenek Dvorak, Radim Vrzal

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