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Drug Discovery & Development

Drug Discovery & Development: Accelerate Your Research with Atlantis Bioscience

Find the perfect tools to advance your drug discovery and development efforts with Atlantis Bioscience.

Comprehensive Disease Compound Library

Our disease compound library features a vast collection of small molecules with proven therapeutic potential. This enables you to quickly and easily identify potential drug candidates for a wide range of diseases.

Research Instruments

Our research instruments, such as automated sampling, dissolution testers, and biomimetic membranes, allow you to simulate different barriers in the body and study drug absorption, metabolism, and toxicity. This helps you to make informed decisions about your drug development pipeline.

Automated Franz Cell Diffusion and Permeation System

Our automated Franz cell diffusion and permeation system helps you to assess drug permeability and optimize drug formulations. This is essential for ensuring that your drug is delivered to the right target site in the body at the right concentration.

Screening and Ranking Platform

Our screening and ranking platform for new chemical entities and formulations, along with our 3D cell culture plate, enables you to screen and evaluate the efficacy and safety of new drug candidates in a fast, accurate, and reproducible manner. This helps you to identify the most promising drug candidates for further development.

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