violetFluor™ 450 Anti-Mouse MHC Class II (I-A/I-E) (M5/114.15.2)

violetFluor™ 450 Anti-Mouse MHC Class II (I-A/I-E) (M5/114.15.2)

violetFluor™ 450 Anti-Mouse MHC Class II (I-A/I-E) (M5/114.15.2)

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The M5/114.15.2 antibody reacts with mouse MHC Class II alloantigens I-Ab, I-Ad, I-Aq, I-Ed, and I-Ek, as well as being cross-reactive with mouse cells of H-2p and H-2r haplotype. MHC Class II is widely expressed by mouse immune cells bearing these alloantigens, including T and B cells, monocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells. The antibody does not react with the following alloantigens: I-Af, I-Ak, I-As, or NOD H-2g7

The M5/114.15.2 antibody may be used for analysis of mouse cells expressing MHC Class II alloantigens as described. Please note that the M5/114.15.2 clone may also be referred to as M5/114 in the literature.

Product Details

Name violetFluor™ 450 Anti-Mouse MHC Class II (I-A/I-E) (M5/114.15.2)
Cat. No. 75-5321
Alternative Names MHC II, IA, IE, I-A/E, IA/IE
Gene ID 14961/14969
Clone M5/114.15.2
Isotype Rat IgG2b, κ
Reactivity Mouse
Cross Reactivity
Format violetFluor™ 450
Application Flow Cytometry
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Application Key:FC = Flow Cytometry; FA = Functional Assays; ELISA = Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay; ICC = Immunocytochemistry; IF = Immunofluorescence Microscopy; IHC = Immunohistochemistry; IHC-F = Immunohistochemistry, Frozen Tissue; IHC-P = Immunohistochemistry, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue; IP = Immunoprecipitation; WB = Western Blot; EM = Electron Microscopy

*Tonbo Biosciences tests all antibodies by flow cytometry. Citations are provided as a resource for additional applications that have not been validated by Tonbo Biosciences. Please choose the appropriate format for each application and consult the Materials and Methods section for additional details about the use of any product in these publications.

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