DMEM High Glucose w/ L-Glutamine w/o Sodium Pyruvate 500ml

DMEM High Glucose w/ L-Glutamine w/o Sodium Pyruvate 500ml

DMEM High Glucose w/ L-Glutamine w/o Sodium Pyruvate 500ml



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Classical Media

Many classical media are available with our partner Biowest portfolio. These include Dulbecco, Eagle, RPMI, Ham’s and many others. All of our products are suitable for cell culture applications and are made in modern ISO manufacturing facilities.

Product such as L0104 has proven to be compatible for cell lines obtained from ATCC, DSMZ and Riken.


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· High Glucose w/ L-Glutamine w/o Sodium Pyruvate

· Sterile filtered; 12 months shelf life

· Proven success across wide spectrum of cell lines across several markets

· Widely accepted in key institutions like NUS, CSI (Singapore) and various R&D laboratories across S.E.A.

· All products are produced in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 facilities.

· ** please inquiry for powdered formulation


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