SphericalPlate 5D-Spheroids Cell Culture Plate

SphericalPlate 5D-Spheroids Cell Culture Plate

SphericalPlate 5D-Spheroids Cell Culture Plate


3D cell culture plate designed to culture perfectly round spheroids with high uniformity & reproducibility for easy translation to clinical & diagnostic use.


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750 uniform, size-controlled spheroids with one move. 9000 standardized spheroids per 24-well plate.

Ability to translate into diagnostic or clinical use.


Communication – The 5th Dimension

The fifth dimension, we define as the communication of the cells with each other: the critically determined shape and size of the microwells create an environment that is as physiological as possible. Plus, a special nanocoating hinders cells from attaching to the surface. This results in the formation of uniform spheroids with an undisturbed communication of the cells with each other, preventing wrong signals that would induce unwanted gene expression/differentiation.

SphericalPlate 5D – Standard Operating Procedure Video

Revolutionising your 3D cultures with SphericalPlate 5D. SphericalPlate 5D provides a unique platform for generation of uniformly sized spheroids.

The plate provides unique physiological spheroid formation with rounded bottoms, with convenient upscaling without loss of spheroid quality.




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