Reporter Mice

Reporter Mice


Reporter mice are mouse strains that express fluorescent proteins, bioluminescent proteins, or biochemical tags.


Reporter expression enables visualization and semi-quantification of target gene expression as well as cell type or tissue-specific labeling, which also allows for observation of cell migration and differentiation.


Furthermore, reporters tagged to the target gene may be used to identify protein subcellular localization.


While commonly employed fluorescent reporters such as EGFP, tdTomato, ZsGreen and YFP are available for purposes as mentioned above, special reporters such as GCaMPs enable functional readouts such as calcium influxes, effluxes and waves (jYCaMP and jRGECO1a).




Strain ID Strain Name Fluorescence
T057549 B6-PB-RL-CAG-RRvT-polyA Red
T006772 H11-CAG-tdTomato Red
T003856 DBA/1JGpt-H11-CAG-tdTomato Red
T003575 NCG-CAG-tdTomato Red
T055748 CAG-EGFP-polyA Green
T057823 Rosa26-CAG-LSL-EGFP-3xHA-WPRE-polyA Green (Cre dependent)
T004285 Rosa26-CAG-Cas9-tdTomato Red (with Cas9 expression)
T002249 Rosa26-CAG-LSL-Cas9-tdTomato Red (Cre dependent, with Cas9 expression)
T006163 CAG-loxp-ZsGreen-Stop-loxp-tdTomato Green to Red switch (Cre dependent)
T057726 H11-CAG-loxp-ZsGreen-Stop-loxp-tdTomato-polyA Green to Red switch (Cre dependent)
T053087 Rosa26-CAG-Rox-ZsGreen-Stop-Rox-tdTomato-ployA Green to Red switch (Dre dependent)
T055741 Rosa26-CAG-Frt-ZsGreen-Stop-Frt-tdTomato-polyA Green to Red switch (Flpo dependent)
T055745 Rosa26-CAG-Loxp&Rox&Frt-Stop-Frt&Rox&Loxp-LacZ-WPRE-polyA Enable X-gal staining (Cre/Dre/Flpo dependent)
T056048 Rosa26-CAG-LSL-Mutant jYCaMP1s Yellow calcium cation indicator (Cre dependent)
T038004 Rosa26-Vloxp-Ef1a-YFP-Vlox2272 Yellow (RMCE applicable)
T038005 H11-Vloxp-Ef1a-YFP-pA-Vlox2272 Yellow (RMCE applicable)
T049744 H11-CAG-MTS-ND4*-EGFP-polyA Green in mitochondria (with mitochondrial mutant ND4 overexpression)
T052778 Rosa26-CAG-LSL-Myc-Pawr-IRES-EGFP-polyA Green (Cre dependent, with Myc tagged PAWR overexpression)
T052807 H11-CAG-LSL-Sox2-IRES-ZsGreen Green (Cre dependent, with Sox2 overexpression)
D000803 Rosa26-CAG-LSL-IVMR-2A-GFP-PGK-Neo Green (Cre dependent, with Cre dependent IVMR overexpression and constant Neomycin expression)
T054998 H11-CAG-LSL-mmu_circ_0000953-IRES-EGFP-polyA Green (Cre dependent, with mmu_circ_0000953 overexpression)
T054147 H11-CAG-mmu_circ_0000953-IRES-EGFP-polyA Green (with mmu_circ_0000953 overexpression)
T054883 H11-CAG-LSL-mutant Capn2-3*flag-P2A-CFP Cyan, (Cre dependent, with flag tagged Capn2 mutant overexpression)
T003635 H11-CAG-LSL-Ilf3-EGFP Green, (Cre dependent, with Ilf3 overexpression)
T056225 Piwil2-EGFP Green
T055284 Il1rl1-EGFP Green
T054510 Rab32-EGFP Green
T053310 Prox1-IRES-EGFP Green
T054324 Tent5c-3*flag-P2A-EGFP Green (with flag tagged endogenous Tent5c)
T054255 Ncoa7-loxP-ZsGreen-3*flag Green
T053826 Gm11437-IRES-EGFP Green
T052368 NCG-hKITLG-IRES-ZsGreen Green (with humanized KITLG)
T051563 Scx-IRES-EGFP Green
T050765 Trpv1-IRES-EGFP Green
T050764 Tph2-IRES-EGFP Green
T050762 Syn1-IRES-EGFP Green
T050761 Slc32a1-IRES-EGFP Green
T050760 Cx3cr1-IRES-EGFP Green
T050759 Chat-IRES-EGFP Green
T050753 EGFP-P2A-Camk2a Green
T050750 Aldh1l1-IRES-EGFP Green
T009426 Il3-RFP-polyA Red
T057504 Foxd4-P2A-EGFP Green
T054505 Cdkn2a-P2A-luciferase-T2A-EGFP Green, luciferase
T054058 Sst-jRGECO1a Red calcium cation indicator
T053608 Dlg4-linker-mCherry Red
T053304 Six2-LSL-tdTomato Red (Cre dependent)
T053303 Six1-LSL-EGFP Green (Cre dependent)
T054952 Dync1li1-LSL-dnRHOA-EGFP Green (Cre dependent, with overexpression of dominant negative RHOA)
T054429 pTRE(3G)-mTnf-P2A-luciferase-polyA luciferase (driven by Tet-on system, with mouse Tnf overexpression)