OMEGA MP 3D Skeletal Muscle Culture Device

OMEGA MP 3D Skeletal Muscle Culture Device

OMEGA MP 3D Skeletal Muscle Culture Device

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OMEGA MP 3D Skeletal Muscle Culture Device

Looking to advance your skeletal muscle research projects using 3D cultures? Now you can easily access this exciting new culture technology using eNUVIO’s OMEGAMP devices, also available in a fully HTS-compatible format. Compared to monolayer muscle cultures that are known to detach from the surface after a short period of time, 3D skeletal muscle is stable for longer-term culture applications and matures more rapidly and completely. This increased physiological relevance of this system makes it ideal for the development of new disease models of both muscle and neuromuscular disorders.


Each chamber of the OMEGAMP device contains two built-in micropillars that serve to form 3D skeletal muscle microtissues (also known as EMT – engineered muscle tissue) in vitro. Myogenic progenitor cells from primary, iPSC or immortalized sources are resuspended in an ECM-derived hydrogel mixture, and are seeded into each culture chamber. After polymerization, the hydrogel-suspended myoblasts begin to differentiate and self-assemble into a 3D muscle microtissue using the two micropillars as anchors. Once sufficiently matured, these microtissues twitch and contract as you would expect from skeletal muscle.

The ability to examine the contractile and electrophysiological characteristics of mature skeletal muscle is incredibly advantageous in the context fundamental as well as drug development research. The OMEGAMP is the ideal platform for the development of next-generation models of muscle and neuromuscular disorders such as Duchenne-type muscular dystrophy (DMD), Kennedy’s disease (SBMA) as well as ALS.

OMEGAMP devices each contain two individual chambers per device and are specifically sized (dia. 21.25 mm) to fit 12-well plates with 3.8 cm2 wells. As with all eNUVIO’s OMEGA series, these devices have open-top chambers for full access to the cultures for electrophysiological stimulation or recording, and are fully transparent for imaging applications. The devices are shipped sterile; simply treat each chamber with an anti-fouling coating and seed your cells.

Culture compatibility:

  • iPSC-derived myogenic precursors
  • Primary cells (biopsy)
  • Immortalized myogenic cell lines

OMEGAMP specifications:

  • Diameter: 21.25 mm round (designed specifically for 12 well microplates with well diameters of 22 mm)

The OMEGAMP Kit includes:

  • 4 x OMEGAMP devices (each containing 2 chambers)
  • 1 x 12 well microplate

OMEGA MP 3D Skeletal Muscle Culture DeviceOMEGA MP 3D Skeletal Muscle Culture DeviceOMEGA MP 3D Skeletal Muscle Culture Device


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