NucSpot® Live Cell Nuclear Stains

NucSpot® Live Cell Nuclear Stains

NucSpot® Live Cell Nuclear Stains

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NucSpot® Live Cell Nuclear Stains are cell membrane-permeant DNA dyes that specifically stain nuclei in live or fixed cells. They have excellent specificity for DNA without the need for a wash step, with low toxicity for live cell imaging.


  • No-wash, nuclear-specific DNA dyes
  • Low-toxicity for real-time live cell imaging
  • Fix before or after labeling
  • NucSpot® Live 650 compatible with SIM, STED, or STORM
  • Choose green or far-red fluorescence

Kit Components

  • NucSpot® Live Dye, 1000X in DMSO
  • Verapamil, 100 mM in DMSO

Spectral Properties

  • NucSpot® Live 488 Ex/Em: 500/515 nm
  • NucSpot® Live 650 Ex/Em: 650/675 nm

NucSpot® Live 488 stains nuclei with green fluorescence for the FITC channel, while NucSpot® Live 650 has far-red fluorescence for the Cy®5 channel. NucSpot® Live 650 dye also is compatible with super-resolution imaging by SIM or STED, and has been validated in STORM (Ref. 4). The dyes are supplied as 1000X stock solutions in DMSO, and are supplied with a vial of the efflux pump inhibitor verapamil for optional use, which may increase probe retention and live cell staining in some cell types. Note: NucSpot® Live 488 and NucSpot® Live 650 have dim blue fluorescence in the DAPI channel, and may not be suitable for multicolor imaging with blue probes.

NucSpot® Live Cell Nuclear Stains can be used to stain live gram-positive bacteria, but do not stain live gram-negative bacteria or yeast. See our Cellular Stains Table for more information on how our dyes stain various organisms.

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Dye NucSpot® Live 488, NucSpot® Live 650
Cellular localization Nucleus
For live or fixed cells For fixed cells, For live/intact cells
Assay type/options Long term staining (24-72h), No-wash staining, Real-time imaging
Cell permeability Membrane permeant
Colors Green, Far-red
Fixation options Fix after staining (formaldehyde), Fix after staining (methanol), Permeabilize after staining, Fix before staining (methanol), Fix before staining (formaldehyde)


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