Hand Manipulator for Stack Plates 40 layers

Hand Manipulator for Stack Plates 40 layers

Hand Manipulator for Stack Plates 40 layers

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Completely supports filling/disposing operation for multi layer cell culture vessel

Cell Factory and CellSTACK offer extremely useful means to perform mass cultivation of adhesive cells. However, problem is difficult to handle due to their size and weight. Our hand manipulator overcome this problem and offers reliable manipulation and operation at low cost.




Compatibility with CellSTACK and Cell Factory
Completely compatible with 40 layer vessels supplied by Cell Factory (ThermoFisher) and CellSTACK(Corning).


Reliable filling and disposing operations for culture media
Using an auxiliary mechanism that involves a gas damper, large and heavy 40 layer vessels can be operated safely and reliably even by the least physically strong workers on site.



Simple and reliable operations
Filling and disposing of culture media can be executed using simple four stage operations in accordance with the operating protocols.



Transfers to dedicated flask carts facilitated
Culture vessels can be transferred horizontally onto flask carts that support our Incubator MaxCellMLF product line.



Compatibility with carts supplied by Shikoku Instrumentation
Horizontal transfers to flask carts supplied by Shikoku Instrumentation is also possible.



No electricity is used
Completely manual operation without any use of electricity. Utilities such as power supplies or compressed air are not required.



Made entirely of stainless steel
The base unit is made entirely of stainless steel (SUS304) with mirror finish for easy cleaning and ideal for use inside clean rooms.




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