Oligo Synthesis

Oligo Synthesis

Synbio Technologies’ oligo synthesis platform equips state-of-the-art synthesizers and leading professional teams experienced in the oligo synthesis as well as modification technologies.

Synbio Technologies’ oligo synthesis platform equips state-of-the-art synthesizers and leading professional teams experienced
in the oligo synthesis as well as modification technologies. This allows us to provide high-quality oligo products to scientific
researchers and industrial customers around the world.

By leveraging our advanced and innovative manufacturing process, Synbio Technologies offers a wide range of oligo synthesis
options including standard oligos, long oligos, ultra-high purity oligos, degenerate primers, aptamers, fluorescent probes
and oligo pool synthesis, etc. In addition, we also provide high-throughput oligo synthesis to customers with large-scale
oligo projects.

Synbio Technologies is always competent to offer tailor-made approached to accomplish every request to oligo synthesis.

We can achieve extremely low mutation and low error rates, in accordance with the stringent quality control standards for
oligo synthesis.
Flexible synthesis scales are available; four alternative purification options include DSL, HPLC, PAGE Plus, and PAGE.
Technical Support
Professional teams experienced in oligo synthesis and various modifications offer support throughout the production progress.
Cost Effective
Competitive prices and affordable services.

◆ Standard Oligos
Synbio Technologies provides a fast and convenient standard DNA oligo synthesis. Large scale and bulk custom DNA
oligos can be ordered with the same high purity, competitive prices, and fast turnaround.

* Longer oligos, 96/384 plate batch oligos or other large scale synthesis are available, please contact us for a quote.
* Please refer to the purification table for the final output corresponding to different synthesis scale.

◆ Degenerate Primers
Genetic codes have the tendency to degenerate, which lead to the use of degenerate primers in PCR experiments to exhibit
specific genes. Synbio Technologies provides both the design and synthesis of these degenerate primers, as well as custom
degenerate oligo pool synthesis upon request.
◆ Standard Service
No design fee, suitable for more than 95% PCR projects.
◆ Superior Service
Utilized for certain projects sensitive to codon bias. Synbio Technologies can significantly reduce the deviation inherent in
the synthesis procedures and realize the accurate proportional control.

* Non-standard base proportion should be declared clearly, for example, N (20%A: 30%C: 40%G: 10%T).

◆ Long Oligos
Based on the solid-phase oligo chemical synthesis technology, as the length of the synthetic sequence increasing, the
undesired bands of N-1 type impurities are more unavoidable in the electrophoresis. However, some experiments still need
to use long chain genes or ultra-long oligos (130-150 mer). In doing so, the synthesis efficiency and purification are pretty

Synbio Technologies’ Oligo Synthesis Platform utilizes an optimized ultra-long chain design and synthesis program to meticulously
monitor and control the synthesis process. This process allows us to generate long high-quality oligos (90-129 mer) and
even ultra-long oligos (130-150 mer) according to individual requests.

Synbio Technologies provides comprehensive modifications and labeling services to meet our customers’ specified research
requirements. Our stringent quality control guidelines ensure the synthesis of high-quality modified oligos and that they are
subsequently delivered in a timely manner. The resulting oligos can be used in PCR, cloning, sequence verification, and gene
detection. We can satisfy various research needs in biology, diagnostics, personal medicine, drug discovery, etc.

Comprehensive Modifications and Labeling
Large-scale sequencing verifying the average mutation rate to be lower than 1/1000.
Stringent ISO9001 & ISO13485 Certified Processing for oligo synthesis, meticulously monitored and advanced traceability.
Multiple Purification Options
Include desalt, PAGE Plus, PAGE, RP-HPLC, IE-HPLC and Dual HPLC.
Technical Support
Professional teams experienced in oligo synthesis and various modifications offer support throughout the production progress.

◆ General Modifications
We provide a series of general modifications with the high purity and competitive prices. We accomplish this by focusing
on the requests of modification with special chemical classifications.

◆ Single Labeling
Synbio Technologies provides multiple fluorescent groups at 3’, 5’ or designated sites to comply with our customers’ requests.
This includes FAM, HEX, ROX, BHQ and Texas Red, etc.

◆ Dual/Multiple Labeling
Despite of single fluorescent group, Synbio Technologies also offers dual/multiple labeling services including TAMRA, BHQ,
DABYCL, ELCISPE, etc. The most common Dyes and Quenchers are listed below:

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a high-throughput technology that enables the rapid sequencing of millions of DNA
strands in parallel. With its ultra-high throughput capabilities, scalability, and speed, NGS has revolutionized the genomics
and biological sciences. With NGS, researchers can perform a variety of applications as well as study biological systems
beyond the capacity of traditional sequencing technologies.

For most of the NGS platforms available on the market, there is a large demand for high quality oligos for successful
sequencing. The quality of the oligos are crucial because any contamination can lead to strong background or splicing
errors. These errors may seriously affect the overall sequencing results while also wasting valuable time and effort in the
process. Synbio Technologies’ Syno® 1.0 Oligo Synthesis Platform allows us to avoid these potential errors while delivering
custom, high-quality oligos for NGS applications.

Industry-Leading Coupling Efficiency
Minimally reduce the dimer generation of synthetic oligos.
Exclusive Production Processes
Standardized and stringent quality controls ensure batch-to-batch consistency.
Low Levels of the Cross-Contamination
Strict purification standards generate higher quality products, often with purity ≥90%.
Flexible Oligo Specifications
Customizable formulation, mixing options and documentations are available.

Our NGS grade oligos are recommended for a variety of requests independent of the instrument or technology. Customized
synthesis, modification, purification and delivery are provided to meet all our customer’s needs.

• Syno® Adapters
• Syno® Hybrid Capture Probe
• Syno® Blocking Oligos
• Syno® UMI
• Amplification Oligos
• Sequencing Oligos

Many aspects of biological research require a large amount of primers, such as genetic library construction and target
enrichment/capture in NGS. Conventional approaches to synthesizing hundreds of thousands of primers at a time are ineffective
and time consuming. To circumvent this issue, Synbio Technologies provides a solution to high-throughput DNA synthesis
with our industry-leading technology.

Synbio Technologies’ Next Generation DNA Synthesis Platform offers the revolutionary approach towards large-scale gene
synthesis with fast turnaround times and overall cost. This is accomplished by leveraging precise electrochemical technology,
tens of thousands of oligos can be in parallel synthesis on a single chip within one synthetic circle. The individually synthesized
primer strands are subsequently eluted from the chip base to allow the mixture of a variety of oligos. Synbio Technologies
focus on commercialization efforts to manufacture DNA oligo pools to satisfy customers’ research needs.

High Throughput: Competent to synthesize tens of thousands of oligos at a time.
Fast Turnaround Time: Delivery within 7-10 business days ideally.
Competitive Pricing: Industry leading pricing.
Customizable Delivery Format: Both 96 well plates or 384 well plate capabilities.
Low Cost: Multiple streamlined services available at minimal cost.

Synbio Technologies’ oligo pool services offer our customers the industry-leading high-throughput synthesis techniques as
well as high-quality constructs. With the synthesized oligo pools our customers can then streamline the various downstream
applications within their research.
• Generate native DNA sequences
• Create de novo DNA sequences
• Build genes, chassis, operons, pathways and genomes
• Build DNA variant libraries
• Improve the features of a protein
• Test all orthologs of a gene
• Optimize any antibody through affinity maturation

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