Yeast Viability Staining Kit

Yeast Viability Staining Kit

Yeast Viability Staining Kit

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Product Description

The Yeast Viability Staining Kit is a fluorescent assay to determine yeast viability. Each kit contains two fluorescent components: CF® Dye-labeled Concanavalin A (Con A) and Live-or-Dye™ viability dye. We offer 3 different color combinations to choose from.


  • Stable and selective dead cell staining
  • Simple, rapid, no-wash staining protocol
  • Tolerates fixation and permeabilization
  • Suitable for flow cytometry and microscopy
  • 3 color combinations to choose from

Color Combinations

  • Green/Red: CF®488A Con A & Live-or-Dye™ 594/614
  • Red/Blue: CF®594 Con A & Live-or-Dye™ 405/452
  • Far-Red/Red: CF®640R Con A & Live-or-Dye 568/583

If there is a different color combination that you would prefer, email us at [email protected]).

How It Works

When both dyes are used to stain yeast, live cells display bright fluorescent cell wall staining (Con A), while dead cells with compromised membrane activity exhibit both cell wall staining and cytoplasmic staining (Live-or-Dye™). The dye labeling is extremely stable, allowing the cells to be fixed and permeabilized without loss of fluorescence or dye transfer between cells.

Live-or-Dye™ viability dyes are cell membrane impermeable amine-reactive dyes designed for discrimination between live and dead cells during flow cytometry or microscopy. They are able to enter into dead cells that have compromised membrane integrity and covalently label free amines on intracellular proteins.

Concanavalin A (Con A) is a widely used lectin that selectively binds to α-mannopyranosyl and α-glucopyranosy residues, found in the cell wall of yeast and fungi. It is labeled with one of our superior bright and photostable CF® dyes.

Yeast Viability Staining Kit
S. cerevisiae stained with the Yeast Viability Staining Kit: CF®640R ConA stains cell walls of all cells with far-red fluorescence (pseudocolored blue in image), while Live-or-Dye™ 568/583 stains dead cells red.

Product Attributes

Colors Green/Red, Red/Blue, Red/Far-red
Applications Microscopy, Flow cytometry
Cell permeability Membrane impermeant
For live or fixed cells For live/intact cells
Cellular localization Cytoplasmic, Membrane/cell surface