Pronanosome Niosome Cationic

Pronanosome Niosome Cationic

Pronanosome Niosome Cationic

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Pronanosomes are ready- to-use formulations to obtain encapsulating nanovesicles in a fast and easy way.

Nanovesicles formed from Pronanosomes are able to encapsulate a wide variety of compounds as hydrophlic or lipophilic molecules, peptides, enzymes and proteins, among others. In addition, nanovesicles have a great stability,  an easily controllable size and great entrapment efficiencies. A complete protocol of use is attached with the product, if you still have questions or need more information about the product, we help you. Nanovex Biotechnologies offers free advice for all products.
Nanovesicles obtained from Pronanosomes have multiple applications such as:
  • Drug delivery and targeting
  • Delivery of peptide drugs and proteins
  • Studying Inmune response
  • (Trans)dermal drug delivery systems
  • Nutraceuticals and food applications
  • Cosmetics
  • Others

Pronanosome Nio-Cat formulation is designed to obtain niosomes positively charged (cationic niosomes). Cationic nanovesicles can be endocyted by cells to achieve intracellular delivery. Cationic niosomes can be also employed in other applications as: drug delivery and targeting, delivery of peptides, drug and proteins, studying of inmune response, dermal or transdermal delivery, cosmetics, functional foods, nutraceuticals, …

Cationic niosomes have advantages such as:

  • They are osmotically active and stable.
  • They increase the stability of the entrapped drug
  • Handling and storage of niosomes do not require any special conditions
  • Increased stability due to the surface electric charge
  • Can increase the oral bioavailability of drugs
  • Can enhance the skin penetration of drugs
  • They can be used for oral, parenteral as well topical.
  • Niosomes are biodegradable, biocompatible, and non-immunogenic.
  • Can be easily endocytosed by cells
  •  Improve the therapeutic performance of the drug by protecting it from the biological environment.
  •  The niosomal dispersions in an aqueous phase can be emulsified in a non-aqueous phase to control the release rate of the drug and administer normal vesicles in external non-aqueous phase.

Cationic niosome characteristics depending on the preparation method from Pronanosome Nio-Cat

Where HS – Hand Shaking for 2min, VTX – Vortex for 5 min previous Hand Shaking and SOC – Sonication using a bath sonicator for different times previous Hand Shaking

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