PermeaPad® Barrier 25mm

PermeaPad® Barrier 25mm

PermeaPad® Barrier 25mm

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A more precise prediction of potential drugs in the pre-clinical phase within the drug discovery pipeline under the use of cell free assays can increase the throughput of these drugs during the ADME phase. Permeability assays are prognostic models for the oral absorption of potential development candidates. The membrane simulates the gastrointestinal mucosa and is built of 3 layers (like a sandwich).


The upper and lower layers are regenerated cellulose hydrates, which cover the middle lipid layer.


PermeaPad® presents different permeability in combination with permeation enhancers. It is also compatible to common formulations (e.g. polymer based, (phosphor)lipid based, surfactant based). Therefore, it is applicable for optimizing formulations.



The membrane’s characteristics are

  • Ready-to-use: no need to hydrate the membranes prior to the application
  • Storability at room temperature
  • Excellent experimental stability to simulate in vivo situations


*only for research purposes, not for the use in diagnostics