OMEGA4 Neuronal Co-Culture Device

OMEGA4 Neuronal Co-Culture Device

Neuronal Co-Culture Device

4 x OMEGA4 devices, 8 experiments!

Let your neurons do what they were meant to do – make synaptic connections! Get more out of your neuronal cultures and co-cultures with the latest in microfluidic devices from eNUVIO.

OMEGA4 devices can be used for in vitro co-culture studies of neurodegeneration, neuromuscular junction (NMJ), nigrostriatal pathway, pain, myelination, or chemotactic factors. In single culture applications, the OMEGA4 can serve as a  compartmentalization tool to separate the somatic and axonal components of neurons.

OMEGA4 device features:

  • Ready to use: sterile, hydrophilic, and pre-bonded to a high-transmissive glass coverslip
  • Two experiments can be performed per device – double your data!
  • Open-chamber design provides full access to your cultures – room to use explants or  self-assembled 3D cultures (organoids) in your experiments!
  • Choose between Starter Kit and Refill Kit

Do you want to save on cells and culture media? Then the OMEGA4-2mini might be right for you.

Take your research to the next level with the HTS-compatible OMEGA96 microplate.

The OMEGA series of microfluidic devices from eNUVIO are perfectly suited for experiments involving neuronal co-culture and compartmentalization. Each of the chambers of the device are physically separated by a series of microfluidic channels. The small size of the microchannels serve to fluidically isolate each of the adjoined chambers, but are large enough to allow neurites/axons to project into and interact with cultures located in the adjacent chamber. Every OMEGA4 device contains two pairs of adjoined chambers, meaning that two independent experiments can be performed with one device.

The unique open-chamber design of the OMEGA gives scientists direct access to their co-cultures, enabling researchers to explore new types of experimental paradigms not possible with standard closed-chamber devices.  For example, the chambers are large enough to house tissues that are several millimeters in diameter, easily accommodating tissue explants or self-assembled 3D cultures (e.g. spheroids, organoids). Additionally, conventional patch-clamp electrodes can openly access the culutres, allowing researchers to examine the electrophysiological properties of the culture.

OMEGA devices are shipped out ready to use. They are sterile, hydrophilic and are pre-bonded to high-transmissive #1.5 glass coverslips. Simply coat the growth chambers and plate your cells – it’s that easy. Maintaining healthy cultures over a long period of time is even easier with OMEGA devices, owing to the evaporation-minimizing inserts included in every kit. Not only do these simple reusable culture inserts contain a built-in circular well that reduces the evaporation rate from the device’s chambers when filled with fluid, they also serve to physically stabilize the device for secure transportation of the device within the culture room.


OMEGA4 devices are suited for in vitro co-culture studies involving:

  • Neuromuscular junction (NMJ) in the context of ALS, Kennedy’s disease (SBMA), Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy
    • e.g. motor neuron/muscle co-culture
  • Nigrostriatal pathway in the context of Parkinson’s disease
    • e.g. dopaminergic neuron (SNc)/GABAergic neuron (striatal) co-culture
  • Sensory system in the context of nociception and mechanosensation
    • e.g. skin fibroblast/DRG co-culture
  • Myelination
    • e.g. neuron/oligodendrocyte or Schwann cell co-culture
  • Enteric nervous system
    • e.g. enteroendocrine cells/vagal neuron co-culture


Culture compatibility:

  • iPSC-derived cultures
  • Self-assembled 3D cultures (e.g. spheroids, organoids)
  • Primary cultures
  • Tissue explants
  • Immortalized Cell lines

OMEGA4 specifications:

  • Glass coverslip: 22 mm, round, #1.5 thickness
  • Number of microchannels per interface: 70
  • Microchannel length: ~640 µm

The OMEGA4 Starter Kit includes:

  • 4 x OMEGA4 devices (each containing 2 interfaces)
  • 4 x evaporation minimizing culture inserts (for 35 mm dishes)
  • 4 x sterile culture dishes (35 mm, round)
  • 1 x microscopy adapter for OMEGA series devices


The OMEGA4 Refill Kit includes:

  • 4 x OMEGA4 devices (each containing 2 interfaces)
  • 4 x sterile culture dishes (35 mm, round)


OMEGA4 Neuronal Co-Culture DeviceOMEGA4 Neuronal Co-Culture DeviceOMEGA4 Neuronal Co-Culture DeviceOMEGA4 Neuronal Co-Culture Device


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