NanoSep™ CD3 Beads

NanoSep™ CD3 Beads

NanoSep™ CD3 Beads

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NanoSep™ CD3 Beads

  • 50nm size
  • High safety, biodegradable particles
  • High stability, excellent separation efficiency of target cells
  • Provide RUO and GMP grade products

Product Description

NanoSep™ CD3 beads are suitable for separation of human CD3+ T cells and the size of the magnetic beads is 50nm. CD3+ T cells can be separated by anti-human CD3 monoclonal antibody conjugated on the magnetic beads, which can specifically recognize CD3+ T cells. NanoSep™ CD3 beads can be used for enrichment or depletion of CD3+ T cells of PBMC efficiently.

Catalog Number : TL – 622

Content : 2 mL

Endotoxin : <2 EU/mL

Reactive Species : human

Validity Period : 6 months

Storage Temperature : 2 – 8 C

Product Performance