Thermal Mixer

Thermal Mixer

Thermal Mixer



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Thermal mixers

Designed for heating,cooling and mixing small samples. Thermal Mixers are ideal for any molecular biology lab.

[accordion title=”key features”]

· Our most popular thermal mixer

· Temp range: RT+5 deg C~100DegC

· Speed: 200-1500rpm

· Heating time:<12min

· Mixing orbit: 2mm

· Temp accuracy: 0.5degC

· Display accuracy: 0.1deg C

· All products are produced in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 facilities.

Optional accessories

A 96 X 0.2ml tube
B 54×0.5ml tube
C 35x 1.5ml tube
D 35 x 2.0ml tube
E 15x 0.5ml and 20 x 1.5ml tube
F 24 x 12mm tubes
G 12 x 15ml falcon
HI 6 x 50ml falcon
I 103 X67 X30mm bath block
j 96 x 0.2ml microplate
K 24 x 12mm tubes
l 96 deepwell plate
M 15 x5ml eppedndorf tubes


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