In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Mouse CD28 (37.51) (U100) – 100 µg

In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Mouse CD28 (37.51) (U100) – 100 µg

In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Mouse CD28 (37.51) (U100) – 100 µg



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Product Description

The 37.51 antibody reacts with mouse CD28, a 45 kDa glycoprotein which acts as a co-stimulatory receptor in support of the T cell receptor (TCR). CD28 exists as a homodimer with specificity for two known ligands, known as B7-1 (CD80) and B7-2 (CD86), expressed on activated B cells and antigen-presenting cells. These ligands trigger CD28 signaling in concert with TCR activation to drive T cell proliferation, induce high-level expression of IL-2, impart resistance to apoptosis, and enhance T cell cytotoxicity. The interaction / co-stimulatory signaling between ≥ ≥ ≥ the B7 ligands and CD28 provides crucial communication between ≥ ≥ ≥ T cells and B cells or APCs to coordinate the adaptive immune response. Other members of the CD28 family of co-stimulatory receptors include CTLA-4 (CD152), PD-1 (CD279), ICOS and BTLA.

The 37.51 may be used as a phenotypic marker for CD28, which is expressed on all CD4+ T cells and CD8+ T cells, and on NK cells in mouse. In addition, the 37.51 antibody is widely used to activate the CD28 receptor in vitro and in vivo. Please choose the appropriate format for each application.

Product Details

Name In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Mouse CD28 (37.51)
Cat. No. 40-0281
Alternative Names Tp44, T44
Gene ID 12487
Clone 37.51
Isotype Golden Syrian Hamster IgG
Reactivity Mouse
Cross Reactivity
Format In Vivo Ready™
Application Flow Cytometry, Functional Assays, IP
Citations* Johnston RJ, Choi YS, Diamond JA, Yang JA, and Crotty S. 2012. J. Exp. Med. 209:243-250. (in vitro activation)

Hafalla JCR, Burgold J, Dorhoi A, Gross O, Ruland J, Kaufmann SHE, and Matuschewski K. 2012. Infect. Immun. 80:1274-1279. (in vitro activation)

Driessens G, Zheng Y, Locke F, Cannon JL, Gounari F, and Gajewski TF. 2011. J. Immunol. 186:784-790. (Flow cytometry)

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Albert MH, Yu X-Z, Martin PJ, and Anasetti C. 2005. Blood. 105:1355-1361. (in vivo activation)

Application Key:FC = Flow Cytometry; FA = Functional Assays; ELISA = Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay; ICC = Immunocytochemistry; IF = Immunofluorescence Microscopy; IHC = Immunohistochemistry; IHC-F = Immunohistochemistry, Frozen Tissue; IHC-P = Immunohistochemistry, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue; IP = Immunoprecipitation; WB = Western Blot; EM = Electron Microscopy

*Tonbo Biosciences tests all antibodies by flow cytometry. Citations are provided as a resource for additional applications that have not been validated by Tonbo Biosciences. Please choose the appropriate format for each application and consult the Materials and Methods section for additional details about the use of any product in these publications.

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