In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Human CD54 (ICAM-1) (15.2)- 500 µg

In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Human CD54 (ICAM-1) (15.2)- 500 µg

In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Human CD54 (ICAM-1) (15.2)- 500 µg



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The 15.2 antibody reacts with human CD54, also known as ICAM-1 (Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1), a 90-110 kDa cell surface glycoprotein that is inducibly expressed on both immune and endothelial cells. As its name implies, ICAM-1 participates in cell-cell adhesion between ≥ ≥ ≥ leukocytes and endothelial cells, facilitating leukocyte recruitment and transmigration at sites of inflammation. The ligands for ICAM-1 are also expressed on leukocyte and endothelial cells, and include Mac-1, fibrinogen, and a member of the integrin αprotein family, LFA-1 (CD11a).

The 15.2 antibody may be used for analysis of ICAM-1 expression in human cells and tissues, and is reported to be cross-reactive with porcine ICAM-1.

Product Details

Name In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Human CD54 (ICAM-1) (15.2)
Cat. No. 40-0549
Alternative Names Intercellular adhesion molecule-1, ICAM1
Gene ID 3383
Clone 15.2
Isotype Mouse IgG1
Reactivity Human
Cross Reactivity Pig
Format In Vivo Ready™
Application Flow Cytometry, Functional Assays, IHCF, Western Blot
Citations* Sommaggio R, Cohnen A, Watzl C, and Costa C. 2012. J. Immunol. 188: 2075-2083. (in vitro blocking – Pig)

Avril M, Tripathi AK, Brazier AJ, Andisi C, Janes JH, Soma VL, Sullivan DJ, Bull PC, Stins MF, and Smith JD. 2012. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 109: E1782-E1790. (in vitro blocking)

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Application Key:FC = Flow Cytometry; FA = Functional Assays; ELISA = Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay; ICC = Immunocytochemistry; IF = Immunofluorescence Microscopy; IHC = Immunohistochemistry; IHC-F = Immunohistochemistry, Frozen Tissue; IHC-P = Immunohistochemistry, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue; IP = Immunoprecipitation; WB = Western Blot; EM = Electron Microscopy

*Tonbo Biosciences tests all antibodies by flow cytometry. Citations are provided as a resource for additional applications that have not been validated by Tonbo Biosciences. Please choose the appropriate format for each application and consult the Materials and Methods section for additional details about the use of any product in these publications.

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