Human Cord Blood Immune Cells

Human Cord Blood Immune Cells

Human Cord Blood Immune Cells

We provide a rang of cord blood derived immune cells ranging from PBMC, T-cells, NK cells, T-killer cells, B-cells, T-regulatory cells, monocytes and more.

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Product Description

CTI Biosourcing: Human Cord Blood Immune Cells

CTIPharma® provides you with purified human immune cells extracted from cord blood, peripheral blood or bone marrow. Our control of the whole supply chain, from donor consent to the extraction, purification, cryopreservation and shipping, allows us to provide you with high quality immune cells. After each extraction, a purity control by flow cytometry is performed to ensure the expression of cell-type specific phenotype. Each vial is produced with a minimum of 90% of purity

Immune Cells Extraction:
Immune cells extraction process from umbilical cord, peripheral blood, and bone marrow

Positive or negative selection of immune cells

Our immune cells can be extracted with a positive and/or a negative immunomagnetic selection, and referenced for each product data sheet and certificate of analysis. Please contact us for custom selection of immune cells.

Types of cord blood immune cells we have:

  • PBMC
  • Peripheral Blood T-Cells, CD3+
  • Peripheral Blood B-Cells, CD19+
  • Natural Killer Cells, CD56+
  • T-Helper Cells, CD4+
  • T-Killer Cells, CD8+
  • T-Regulatory Cells, CD25+
  • Monocytes, CD14+
  • Neutrophils, CD15+, CD 16+
  • Stem Cells, CD34+

All products are subject to availability. Production lead time may apply for prospective collection. CTIBIOTECH does not guarantee that the listed products are in stock.

  • CTI Biosourcing is able to isolate a selection of subpopulations from whole blood or PBMC by immuno-magnetic and affinity methods:CTI Biosourcing solutions for drug development
  • CD4, CD8, CD14, CD19, CD56, CD61, CD34, CD25, CD3, etc.
  • Stem cells
  • Positive or negative selection, untouched cells
  • Cell preparation for immuno- oncology
  • We offer healthy and pathological blood, donors can be selected by phenotype or polymorphism.

    We provide clinical-grade cryopreservation and thawing using a control-rate freezer and specific proprietary reagents, designed for clinical research in mind but applied to research.

Blood cells and derived bioassays can be used for co-development, R&D, and for validation of pathological blood, donors medical devices, to produce data sets for CE/FDA marking.

We are able to validate systems, products or reagents for the collection, transport, preservation or processing of blood and bone marrow samples. We can also offer co-innovation and research services on these samples.

  • All samples are from informed consented donors
  • Authorised & accredited biobank with up to 50,000

Interested in our human Cord Blood Plasma and/or Serum?

Reach out to us at [email protected] to find out more.